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EnviroGold #906

#906/12.76A-SC - Stencil Cleaning Formula

EnviroSense's product EnviroGold #906 is an organic aqueous chemistry in concentrated form. The #906 is designed to remove flux paste residues; such as RMA/RA, WS/OA, and No-Clean from stencils. The #906 also cleans and removes light oil process residues in precision metal cleaning. It is virtually benign resin exchange “beads” used in water deionizing systems.

Always add chemical to water, not water to chemical. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water for at least fifteen minutes. Get prompt medical attention if irritation is severe or persistent. Use solution in a mechanically ventilated area. Protective goggles and gloves should be used. Please read: Material Safety Data Sheet before using. Disposal should be in accordance with County, State, and Federal regulations.

USE DIRECTIONS: (Stencil Cleaning Equipment):
For removal of No-Clean or RA/RMA's flux residues we suggest testing begin at 110°F to 115ºF with a dilution ratio of 1 part "EnviroGold" to 19 parts de-ionized water (approx. 5%) anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes in the wash cycle. If cooler than 110°F in the stencil cleaning unit and depending on the cleaning unit type, “Spray in Air” or Ultrasonic, higher concentrations of the EnviroGold #906 may be necessary.

For particulate removal use at .5% to 2% by volume. High Volume Low 
Pressure (HVLP) agitation or spraying is recommended for best results between 140° to 160°F. For manual hand brushing; use at ambient at 20% by volume. If brushing at 140F; use at 10%.

Application Solder Cleaning Time Concentration Temperature
Leaded or Lead Free flux residues 120 to 180 sec. 5% to 8% 40°C to 47°C
Water Soluble flux residues 60 to 90 sec. 4% to 6% 35°C to 45°C

Varying time, temperature or concentration is recommended to optimize results.


pdfEnviro Gold #906-12.76A-SC SDS
pdf#906-12.76A-SC Stencil Application Sheet