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EnviroGold #896

Neutralizer and De-fluxing Cleaner (Batch Formula) Concentrate

EnviroSense's product EnviroGold #896 is an organic aqueous chemistry. The product provides an alternative to CFC's and other types of solvents currently being used in various cleaning tasks. EnviroGold is designed to remove RMA/RA, WS/OA paste/flux residues and to reduce or eliminate other common ionic and non-ionic contaminants. The #896 not only cleans Printed Circuit Boards, it is an excellent stencil cleaner and product for removing process residues in precision metal cleaning.

The EnviroGold chemistry utilizes a new generation of surfactants that allows it to meet circuit assembly or precision metal cleaning challenges. EnviroGold is environmentally sound, user friendly and satisfies workplace safety issues while still producing a desired level of cleaning. The product has brightening agents that prevent the dulling of solder.

This aqueous based formula is in a highly concentrated form. Depending upon the application requirements, EnviroGold is designed to be mixed with de-ionized water at a 8 to 1 dilution ratio (approx. 12%) for the removal of RA/RMA flux residues. This suggested dilution ratio may vary considerably due to "board" conditions, rosin content of flux and residue/contaminant removal requirements. A "Bench Test" is recommended to determine proper dilution and material compatibility. For removal of RA/RMA's we suggest testing begin at 150°F, with a dilution ratio of 1 part "EnviroGold" to 8 parts de-ionized water (approx 12%).For enhancing cleaning in WS/OA or PCB HASL flux removal applications, begin testing at 19 parts de-ionized water to 1 part #896 (approx. 5%) at 150°F.

For stencil cleaning, begin testing at 9 parts de-ionized water to 1 part #896 (approx 12%) at 150°F.

Some of the EnviroGold #896's key characteristics are:

  • Alkaline, water based cleaner and neutralizer for dissolving fluxes and cleaning other board or assembly contaminants
  • Moderate pH
  • Flash point: none to boiling at suggested operating concentrations
  • Designed for use at lower temperatures to minimize operating costs andmaximize safety
  • The product is made without, nor does it contain any phosphates, ozone depleting chemicals, ethylene glycol ethers, or heavy metal chelators like 'E.D.T.A.', and citrate
  • All compounds contained in this chemistry are biodegradable in the P.O.T.W.
  • Excellent de-foaming characteristics, especially in WS/OA cleaning systems
  • Does not contain isopropyl alcohol
  • Low odor
  • Extremely low Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Formulated with a surface tension reducing agent and surfactants that allows the product to penetrate under tight geometries, then clean and rinse residue free
  • Compatible with most process and equipment materials
  • After proper metal particle filtration and pH adjustment, spent effluent can go to sanitary drain
  • Designed for "batch" and dishwasher units; can also be used in "Inline" cleaning systems
  • Available in either five or fifty-five gallon containers


pdf#896-27.64D Application Sheet
pdf#896-27.64D TDS
pdfEnviro Gold #896-27.64D GHS SDS