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Enviro Metal Bright #766

Tin-Lead Solder and Metal Protection Additive

Enviro Metal Bright #766 helps keep solder joints and other metal parts bright by providing a non-reactive monomolecular surface layer to the metal during the cleaning process. This additive helps protect metals against extended cleaning dwell times, elevated temperatures and moderate to high pH's.

Under normal conditions: Add a 1.0% to 2.0% concentration of the #766 to the wash section; by volume. Concentration needed may be dependent on the cleaning chemistry's pH, concentration, dwell times and operating temperatures in the wash.

Some of the Enviro Metal Bright #766's key characteristics are:

  • Helps soften water, if hardness leaks into the system
  • Can be adjusted (concentration) for best performance
  • Can be added independently of any other special purpose item
  • Is non-flammable, non-toxic and has no VOC's
  • Has an extended shelf life, which permits convenient size order quantities
  • Is compatible with all alkaline defluxers known
  • Is safe to use with all fluxes, even water soluble fluxes
  • Has no effect on non-metallic components
  • Is completely water soluble


pdf#766-20.69C Application Sheet
pdfEnviro Metal Brightener #766-20.69C GHS SDS