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Enviro De-Foamer #756

#756/20.69A - Surface Tension Reducer and Foam Suppressor

Enviro De-foamer #756 is specifically designed to prevent foaming caused by cleaning of rosin, water soluble and "no-clean" flux residues. The #756 immediately suppresses foam that already has been formed on the surface of a bath or rinse section. The #756 can be used, depending on acidity, solid content and the type of flux being removed, at as little as .01% in the wash or rinse section's volume; to achieve the desired result.

Some of the Enviro De-Foamer #756's key characteristics are:

  • Is biodegradable
  • Is non-ionic
  • Is made without, and does not contain any Ozone depleting compounds
  • Contains no Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Contains no silicone
  • Lasts and works exceptionally well at elevated temperatures
  • Has a Flash point that exceeds 200F (neat)
  • Is non-corrosive and compatible with equipment and assembly materials
  • Has a very low to indistinguishable odor
  • Is homogeneous and requires no shaking before usage
  • Can be used with any water-based chemistry without stability or compatibility issues


pdf#756-20.69A De-foamer Application Sheet
pdf#756-20.69A TDS
pdfEnviro De-foamer #756-20.69A GHS SDS