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Tsunami Class III

This portable unit is designed for cleaning high reliability electronic assemblies and precision machine parts.

Consideration has been given to restricted production floor space and electrical power requirements. The Tsunami is only 66" long, 34" wide and 35" high allowing for tabletop operation in low to moderate assembly, rework, prototype and laboratory applications. The system power requirement is standard 110V AC or 220V single phase at 60Hz cycle with a total current draw of 20 amps. Standard filtered shop air at 80psi is required for the air-knife system.

The wash section is equipped with high volume low-pressure (HVLP) spray nozzles. Utilizing HVLP spray technology, together with an appropriate cleaning chemistry, provides uniform cleaning with a reduction in wash cell dwell time. The HVLP spraying technique delivers a very thorough cleaning of the area under reduced standoff electronic components such as micro BGA's, TQFP's and LCC's. This unit provides a level of cleaning that is equal to or better than machines that sell for six times the price.

Some of the Tsunami Class III's key characteristics are:

  • Siemens "touch screen" interface control panel and all Siemens electrical parts.
  • Automated track-driven reversing spray bar manifold: manifold is designed with 19 HVLP nozzles with an output of 30gpm.
  • 155°F wash chamber temperature capability
  • Standard 110V AC and 220V single phase at 60Hz cycle at 20 amp draw
  • Small footprint
  • 12 gallon wash chamber minimizes chemical usage.
  • A weight of 400 pounds make the Class III highly portable.
  • Polypropylene tank and plumbing for high temperature and chemical resistance.
  • The (isolating) rinse chambers: first chamber for wash section drag-out removal, the second chamber for primary dip rinse and third for final rinse.
  • Compartment designed with air-nozzles for water blow-off
  • Ventilation duct and exhaust fan built in to the wash chamber
  • Low maintenance
  • Cleaning efficiency has been independent laboratory tested