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Industrial Fixtures

We are capable of producing any type of high-quality rack or storage device for your ultrasonic and precision cleaning needs. Each basket is buffed and Electro-polished to enhance its corrosive resistance. Precision Baskets have handles and are stackable. Baskets with hinged lids have safety latches. 

We also have a wide range of sizes on our spin drying baskets. 

Spin dry baskets for Desco, Atotech, New Holldand, and Nobles. These baskets are 304 stainless with mesh or perforated. Custom sizes available.

Item # Item Name Diameter Height Mesh Opening Mesh Size Material
SBN-1175-12 Spin Dryer Baskets 11.75 12" #16" 0.035 304SST
SBN-12-12 Spin Dryer Baskets 12 12" #16" 0.035 304SST
SBN-18-18 Spin Dryer Baskets 18 18" #16" 0.035 304SST
SBNH-6-6 Spin Dryer Baskets 6 6" #16" 0.035 304SST
SBNH-1175-1175 Spin Dryer Baskets 11.75 12.5" #16" 0.035 304SST
SBNH-1775-18 Spin Dryer Baskets 18 17.75" #16" 0.035 304SST
SBNH-1775-24 Spin Dryer Baskets 24 17.75" #16" 0.062 304SST

NOTE: For a quotation on custom designs and sizes please provide us with your needed dimensions and/or a "rough" sketch.