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Sensible solutions for the cleaning of electronic and precision assemblies.

We would like to introduce to you our company and chemistry. EnviroSense, Inc. was incorporated in 1993 with the purpose of providing environmentally safe chemicals for the cleaning of precision and electronic assemblies/components.  The chemistries will clean optics glass, metals, plastics as well as other high reliability fabrication materials. 

Our cleaning formulas are saponifiers, wetting agents and wash solution additives in concentrated form. We also manufacture rinse additives and coating removers.

The chemistries do not contain any Ozone depleting chemicals and are very low in V.O.C. content. All of the compounds contained in our cleaning formulas are biodegradable. The Enviro Gold cleaning formulas are capable of removing all types of fluxes: RA/RMA (Rosins), Water Soluble O/A (Organic Acid), HASL and No-cleans using concentrations of 3% to 15% of our product in de-ionized water.  The cleaning formulations are unique in that they utilize multiple surfactants and wetting agents that enable the chemistry's saponifying agents to be carried under stand-offs as low as 0.10 mil. The base material we use in the majority of cleaning formulations is, Mono-ethanolamine (MEA).  MEA is on the EPA preferred alternative chemical list. Our formulated products meets D.O.T. non-corrosive criteria.

Field-testing has demonstrated Enviro Gold cleaning compounds have numerous applications.  They may be used for the cleaning of solder stencils, bare boards or for pre-cleaning prior to conformal coating. They also remove light oil processing residues. Utilizing various parameters the products have oxide removal and have passivating properties. Our products were tested for their ability to remove post assembly rosin flux (RMA) residues utilizing I.P.C. Phase II test materials and parameters. The chemistry cleaned ionic residues 5X lower than the previous tests from Freon/solvent cleaning.

Office / Manufacturing Plant

EnviroGold Chemistries Also Clean

  • PCB Boards
    PCB Boards
  • PCA Boards
    PCA Boards
  • Stencils

Cleaning Machinery and Accessories

Flux Removal Comparison

  • Before Cleaning

    Qualitek 230-90/90 RMA paste flux reflowed at 230ºC and waved soldered at 490ºF with a Kester RMA 1585 wave flux.

  • After Cleaning

    Cleaned with EnviroGold #816/18.54 Saponifier at a 10% concentration in deionized water at 150ºF at 3 feet per minute; in a Technical Devices #618 Inline cleaning unit set with High Volume Low Pressure sprays (HVLP).